Sweden Military servers were used to attack US banks!

Military servers of Sweden were found to be used to attack the web pages of more than 20 major US banks and financial institutions in the year 2013. This was revealed very recently by a Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter which is shortly known as DN among readers.

Confirming the news as credible, military spokesman Mikael Abramsson said that in 2013, a server or may a couple of them used by Swedish Defense had a flaw which was exploited by hackers to carry out the attacks.

“The hacking attack was a kind of wake up call for us to take very specific security steps to prevent such a thing from happening again”, said the military spokesman.

Mikael added that the new security measures will never ever make the history repeat in future.

According to the news report published after a recent inquiry, the servers were used in a so-called DDoS attack against US financial institutions such as Citigroup, Capital One and HSBC with overwhelming requests for information.

The attack started in 2012 and then continued for months. US officials blamed Iran, suggesting the nation had carried out cyber attacks on its own systems in retaliation for political sanctions.

Many other vulnerable servers in locations throughout the world were used in the attack, and together they created an Internet traffic shove so powerful that it knocked out the banks’ websites.

In 2013, attackers infected data centers used to host services in the internet cloud and commandeered massive computing power around the world to back the DDoS attacks.

US based DNF Corporation, which protects companies from such attacks, said that these kind of attacks on financial institutions can cost the firms $100,000 an hour (about 88,000 Euros) an hour.

More details will be published shortly!

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