Cloud backup users can get unlimited storage on Microsoft Azure

For all those who are willing to go for a cloud based backup here’s good news. StoneFly virtual drive offers to them unlimited storage on Microsoft Azure platform. Thus, your entire backup needs which otherwise face capacity constraints can now be stored on an unlimited IP storage platform.

Strategically speaking, when a disaster strikes the data center, businesses need to have their data located in more than one place, to maintain data continuity. This is where storing backups in cloud makes complete sense.

StoneFly offers to its users the privilege of storing unlimited data on virtual Scale Out NAS available on Microsoft Azure. It not only helps in keeping business continuity in place, but also offers the privilege of storing 4-5 copies on data for failover purposes.

Want to know how? Just follow the lines further.

StoneFly, INC, a wholly owned subsidiary of DNF Corporation offers cloud based backup and disaster recovery services in its product catalog. All those users who want to use cloud storage for backup can purchase StoneFly CDR365 software and load it on their on-premises storage server. From then on, all your critical data will be backed up to the cloud in an automated way. The application combines easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

Now, to those who already have backup software on premises and would like to store backups in cloud, StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect can prove as an easy and affordable solution to store valuable server and workstation backups in the cloud. Compatible with any existing enterprise backup software or backup appliance you might be already using (Symantec Backup Exec, Acronis, Commvault, Veeam, NovaStor, Unitrends, etc.), StoneFly provides a backup connector to your choice of private, hybrid or public cloud like VMware vCloud, VMware vCloud Air, StoneFly Cloud Business Center apart from Azure.

Accessing the services of StoneFly Virtual Drive is simple. Just login to the account of Microsoft Azure, Go to marketplace, type stonefly and you will land on StoneFly Virtual Drive web page. Just opt for the best plan to store your backups and start uploading data to the cloud platform.

Remember, StoneFly is the only company which offers unlimited cloud storage for backups via Microsoft Azure. So, users can replicate data to one or more locations. If they need a backup copy of three weeks before, they can have it by going for the backup which was stored in the cloud before three weeks.

So, no matter how much data you need to backup to StoneFly virtual cloud, you can do it without any limitation.

To know more click on StoneFly Virtual Drive web page


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