DNF Security offers VME gateways to integrate on-premises video surveillance storage with cloud based IP storage

DNF Security, a business unit of DNF Corporation has been offering innovative storage solutions for video surveillance needs from time to time. Now, the latest from its catalog is a Video Management Engine Gateway which acts as a standalone management gateway for high availability, redundancy, scalability and simple integration with on-premises or cloud based IP storage.

DNF Security VME 400J is a storage management and gateway appliance which offers complete surveillance management control to users with data intensive applications. With increasing demand for longer archive time, better video resolution and higher frame rates, each high-capacity VME gateway solution combined with StoneFly SAN storage and StoneFly enterprise cloud storage ensures maximized data retention and scalable performance.

Often it’s seen in large surveillance environments that video retention needs are always ignored. Reason- due to high costs involved in retaining video evidence for long periods of time.

DNF Security offer an apt solution with its VME 400J. All the latest recordings from the camera are loaded onto StoneFly SAN appliance and the old records are moved to cloud in an automated way. In this way, capacity needs for hot data can be addressed via on-premises appliance and cold data can be moved to StoneFly enterprise cloud storage.

Remember, no matter how much you record to the cloud, you just need to pay only for the video evidence you are accessing in future—apart from capacity.

So, DNF Security VME 400J acts a gateway appliance which integrates your on-premises storage meant for video surveillance with the cloud storage.

Going into the technical specifications of DNF VME 400j, this video management gateway is available in space saving 1U rack mount chassis with hot swappable drives and trays. User data is well protected with the choice of RAID 0,1,5,6 or 10 across up to four hot swappable SAS disk drives on an ultra high performance 12Gbps SAS hardware RAID controller. An optional RAID cache flash memory backup module helps in protecting against data loss in the event of an environmental power failure.

For live recording purposes DNF VME 400J has 32TB storage onboard.

To know more click on DNF Security VME 400j web page


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