All about StoneFly StoneFusion reflection Synchronous Mirroring

Enterprises are incurring a loss of $5,600 per minute due to unplanned data center downtime which accounts to $336,000 per hour . Thus, to help companies avoid such troubles, StoneFly has come up with a reliable solution. The StoneFly Reflection Synchronous Mirroring feature is designed for IT professionals managing environments when business operations would suffer a severe financial blow if critical data were loss or is offline for even a moderate time frame.

StoneFly’s patented and award winning StoneFusion operating system offers ‘Reflection’ feature which provides continuous access to a SAN volume without interruption to data availability, simplifying disaster recovery and reducing the affect of system downtime.

Want to know how it works?

StoneFly Reflection Synchronous Mirroring offers host independent, mirrored data storage that duplicates production data onto physically separate mirrored target images. All this process takes place in background and is invisible to users, applications, databases and host processors. The software duplicates block level changes as they occur to one or more volumes such as to another local storage concentrator volume image or to another storage concentrator volume image at a campus location over standard IP connections.

By going for a StoneFly Reflection, enterprises can protect their critical volumes from being a single point of failure, and provide continuous access to a volume without interruption to data availability when loss of access occurs to one of the images.

Users can also upgrade to StoneFly Asynchronous Replication where data will be kept at two or more different locations. In this data protection technique, local volumes are synchronized with mirror volumes at the remote site at irregular intervals. Users will be offered the privilege of synchronizing operations at scheduled time slots.

Click on the link of StoneFly Reflection Synchronous Mirroring to head to a video presentation



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