Body worn cameras are generating 8K to 10K videos per month!

Can you imagine how much data is being generated by Body worn cameras by cops? It is around 8,000 to 10,000 videos per month. Irrespective of the file size, Minnesota’s 110 police officers are generating the said amount of videos on monthly basis reaching a couple of terabytes in the said time frame.

Police Chief Gordon Ramsay of Duluth has confirmed this report and added that the generated videos are being stored for at least 30 days and in many cases longer than 7 months to 3 years.

Now, imagine how much data is being generated by the body worn cameras of cops in the whole of US? It’s hard to estimate…… isn’t it?

No matter, how man body worn cameras are functioning in the police departments of US, one thing is for sure. Data production is enormous and in coming years will double and might also triple.

So, where do we store all this data on an economic note?

DNF Corporation understands the fundamental shift occurring between police and the public in terms of accountability. They offer rugged, reliable, integrated IP video solutions for law enforcement. DNF’s expertise in storage networks and data security denotes that your deployed solution will offer fast, efficient, redundant archiving, wherever the cameras go.

Contact DNF to learn more on how they can offer a reliable and economic body worn camera storage of US police departments.



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