HGST Flash Max III SSD powers StoneFly All flash Voyager WX Hyper Converged Appliances

StoneFly, Inc., a wholly owned business subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers its flash based version of Hyper Converged Appliances populated with HGST FlashMax III Enterprise SSD.

Each node in StoneFly Voyager WX SAN + NAS is being offered with HGST FlashMax III Enterprise SSD to deliver massive IOPS for high performance as well as enterprise hard disk drives for low cost high capacity storage adhering to the principles of software defined solutions.

StoneFly Voyager WX SAN + NAS Cluster Appliances are being offered with utmost redundancy, enhanced performance, scalability and high availability. Voyager’s scalable architecture brings the flexibility to start small, and scale up to Petabytes of tiered storage.

With the presence of high end flash, StoneFly Voyager WX SAN + NAS hyper converged appliances can have a read throughput of 2,700 MB/s and write throughput of 1,400. HGST flash MAX powers StoneFly Voyager with 531,000 Read IOPS and 59,000 Write IOPS.

The cornerstone of the Voyager WX SAN + NAS Cluster Appliances is our Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™), which is StoneFly’s patented storage virtualization engine running the award winning StoneFly StoneFusion SAN operating system. StoneFusion provides iSCSI block-level provisioning as well as centralized storage management and advanced storage features including synchronous campus mirroring, 2520 delta-based snapshots per subsystem, and thin provisioning with space reclamation.

Optional features include asynchronous replication, hardware-enabled AES 256 block level volume encryption, optimized data deduplication for efficient storage utilization, Fibre Channel SAN target, and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) agents for quiescing databases.

StoneFly implements all control logic as a software-based service running on HGST FlashMAX III PCIe enterprise-class SSDs. Virtual storage controller(s) run on each cluster node improving scalability and resilience, while preventing performance bottlenecks since the storage and control logic is now local to the guest VMs.

StoneFly’s intuitive software allows users to create a single storage pool that can be partitioned into one or several smaller volumes and these data repositories are then presented to the hypervisor. These volumes are fully POSIX-compliant for seamless integration with any applications requiring this capability.

The other highlight of this appliance is that it features active-active components for appliance redundancy, business continuity and increased system performance, the Voyager WX offers full RAID protection and requires no down time for storage expansion.

To know more click on the link of StoneFly Voyager WX Hyper Converged appliance



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