Data Center operations need reliable power protection

Data centers operating all around the world need consistent and reliable power to run hassle free on 24×7 bases. But many operators consider reliable power protection to be low on their list of priorities, even though it can have major implications for data loss.

During the course of operation, power spikes, surges, and outages are unavoidable, and more than capable of damaging valuable IT equipment and cutting off access to important data. That’s why the need to incorporate a robust power protection solution into an overall data center design is pretty much essential.

Through this article we will provide an introductory overview of why comprehensive power protection is critical to ensure continuous uptime in the data center

Power protection in data centers matters due to the following reasons-

  • Even short outages can be trouble- Losing power for as little as 1/50 of a second can trigger events that may keep IT equipment unavailable for a minimum 15 minutes to many hours. This downtime can prove costly for data center businesses. According a survey conducted by Emerson, our US economy loses between $200 billion and $570 billion a year due to power outages and other disturbances.
  • Utility power is not consistent- According to prevailing consumer laws, electrical power can vary widely enough to cause significant problems for IT equipment. According to current US standards, voltage can legally vary from 5.7% to 8.3%. That means utility services which promise 208 volts actually deliver from 191 to 220 volts in real.
  • Problems and risk are intensifying- Today’s latest equipment such as storage systems, servers, networking devices are so sophisticatedly miniatured that they fail under power conditions which earlier generation equipment could easily sustain.
  • Generators and surge suppressors aren’t enough- As soon as an outage strikes, generators help in keeping the data center running. But they take some time to start and provide no protection from power spikes and other electrical disturbances. Surge suppressors help with power spikes, but aren’t capable of aiding with issues like power loss, under voltage and brownout conditions.
  • Power costs must be managed- The cost of power and cooling has spiraled out of control in recent years. Data center managers are typically held responsible for achieving high availability while simultaneously reducing power costs. Highly efficient UPS systems can help with this goal, and products are available today that were not an option even a few years ago.


Data center downtime is unacceptable for any operator, which is why it’s critical to implement reliable backup power management solutions as part of their data center design strategy, whether building a new facility or expanding an existing one.

DNF Corporation can help in getting the best equipment to your premises. The company has deep knowledge in cabling and infrastructure, power and cooling, rack layout and design, security and management practices. All of these elements, put together in the right way, can make for long-lasting IT systems, and add true operational efficiency for your company.

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