DNF Security Cloud Recording benefits!

Video Surveillance technology usage is increasing all around the world. But as the technology is becoming more sophisticated the costs involved in this technological deployment are elevating. Thus, in order to leverage the rising costs, users are searching ways to reduce the costs on hardware.

With the demand for high definition video picking up, users are not in a position to compromise with security cameras. So, the other area to focus on reducing the costs is on recording and storage appliances.

DNF Security offers all such users excellent solutions which help leverage storage costs and at the same time stay up to date with the technology.

DNF Cloud Recording solution is one such innovation of the California based company. Users who buy DNF Security Falcon Series Video Storage appliances can gain access to DNF Cloud Connection on demand. Cloud Connection is useful for video archival needs. Live recordings continue to be stored directly on the Falcon appliance’s local storage, while archived footage can be written to and read from a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

By purchasing DNF Storage and recording solutions, users get the privilege of DNF Cloud Connection. They can store all the hot or frequently accessed data on to the on-premise appliance and can transmit warm or cold data to the cloud. By doing so, they can eliminate the need to buy a new appliance to comply with the prevailing laws of data retention in their region.

As Cloud Connection is highly scalable, users can upload any amount of videos and will have to pay only to those videos which are being accessed.

Click on the DNF Cloud Connection web link to know more


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