Luxemburg based Satellite company uses StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery!

Luxemburg based Satellite Company which offers broadcasting and data communication services to government and business agencies worldwide is relying on StoneFly CDR365 online backup application to automate data backup to secure cloud storage.

To understand on how StoneFly CDR365 is helping the Iowa based company in disaster recovery, first let’s go through the challenges it is facing in its operational environment.

The Business Challenge

The data broadcasting company offers a portfolio of satellite and integrated connectivity services through performance oriented global infrastructure. The company’s critical systems which support the said services are spread across thousands of VMware vSphere virtual machines in around 8 data centers. As the IT Infrastructure is based on high availability, the company is using an active/active model for servers and storage, allowing it to move any service between data centers without disruption. It actually uses the distributed resource scheduler to combine automatic failover with load balancing. The company also clusters applications that can be clustered.

If users do not have critical virtualized systems available on 24/7 basis, then they cannot serve their customers to expected levels.

Hence, as slow VM backup and recovery were jeopardizing the satellite scheduling system, the Luxemburg Company decided to look for a reliable alternative.

On an additional note, data generation was also taking place at an alarming rate and the company was facing a fear of not being able to restore data within service level agreement.

So, the Iowa based broadcasting company was searching for a gold standard in availability.

The StoneFly solution

The broadcaster deployed StoneFly CDR365 backup and disaster recovery application to ensure 24x7x365 availability of critical virtualized systems including satellite scheduling.

The goal of the said data communication company was to ensure all applications can be run from another data center when the need for disaster recovery arises. The product was also fulfilling the company’s demand of storage level replication and transfer of backup copies meant for DR tests.

CDR365 offers several high-speed restore features that streamline recovery for the service provider—all from a regular backup—to mere minutes

The Results

  • Before deploying StoneFly CDR365, the IOWA based company ran the risk of not being able to schedule customers’ satellite transmissions because it took hours to recover VMs supporting the scheduling system. CDR365 provides 24x7x365 availability of this key system through fast, efficient backup and recovery, giving the company full confidence in its ability to schedule satellite transmissions around the clock.
  • The satellite communication provider tests DR procedures each year, and CDR365 proves itself time after time. In a matter of minutes, the Luxemburg based company can recover whole VMs, files and application items from regular backups, making it easy to meet every RPO and RTO in internal SLAs.

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