US firms are using more than 20 different types of data storage!

US Firms are using more than 20 different types of data storage says a survey conducted by Primary Data, Inc on IT Professionals. This shows the complexity of today’s enterprise storage landscape. As the technology is evolving, new solutions such as all-flash systems, cloud storage, and emerging technologies like hyper converged storage are being adopted alongside traditional SAN and NAS storage solutions.

The survey involved more than 1,500 respondents and revealed that over 51% of the IT personnel were managing 10 or more different types of storage, while one-third of the respondents reported overseeing more than 20 different storage resources.

This clear leads to a fact that enterprises are having many storage options, but need a way to finally integrate the diverse capabilities of their storage investments to meet evolving business needs.

The study which involved respondents from companies having an employee count ranging from 100-5000 concluded that large companies are reported to be having over 20 different storage types to manage. However, even small enterprises reported significant storage diversity, underscoring how growing businesses today leverage numerous storage options to meet different needs.

Primary Data survey reported that 36% of those surveyed reported having 1 or 2 storage vendors, nearly two-thirds of the professionals participating in the survey reported using storage systems from three to nine different providers.

Now, to all those enterprises who want to easily convert their existing fibre channel, SAS, Infiniband, or iSCSI storage (EMC, Dell, NetApp, etc) into their choice of Unified iSCSI, FC SAN or NAS storage; StoneFly. Inc, offers to them Unified Storage Concentrator (USC) SAN Gateway appliance.

USC comes with a Virtual SAN (SCVM™) and the ability to create additional virtual storage or virtual servers as needed.

Users can assign or provision all or part of their existing storage through existing or preferred available interface such as iSCSI, FC, Infiniband, SAS. It is through this storage pool can users create new volumes for all of their hosts. The newly created volumes are now part of StoneFly Storage and can be encrypted, mirrored, replicated, data deduplicated, thin provisioned. Additional Virtual Machines (Windows, Linux, StoneFly SCVM, etc.) that are VMware compatible can easily be installed on the USC SAN Gateway Appliance to further reduce hardware costs and datacenter overhead.

As soon as the storage volumes are provisioned by USC appliance, users can enjoy numerous advanced data storage management features.

Built-in features of the StoneFly USC SAN Gateway include StoneFly iSCSI, delta-based snapshots with mountable read-write snapshot volumes, real-time synchronous campus mirroring of iSCSI volumes and nodes, thin provisioning with space reclamation, iSCSI port teaming with failover and load-balancing, as well as advanced storage virtualization services.

Hardware enabled block level AES256 volume encryption, asynchronous replication, NAS volume support for CIFS/SM and NFS Protocols, VSS support for quiescing databases, and optimized data deduplication are features available on demand.

To know more, click on StoneFly Hyper Converged USC SAN Gateway appliance


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