Amazon Snowball Storage Server now available in 80TB storage capacity!

Cloud storage services provider Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new Snowball with 80TB capacity. Earlier, in October 2015, the said cloud service provider offered Snowball Storage Server with 50TB capacity. On user demand, the company has decided to increase the capacity by 30TB and has started shipping the new 80TB storage server.

The snowball is specifically designed for customers and businesses that need to move large amounts of data to AWS on a one-time or recurring basis. It is aimed at those customers who desire to move their data into the cloud as fast as possible.

Presently, Amazon’s biggest competitors in the public cloud business, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, don’t offer anything like Snowball, so it’s still a distinctive element of AWS.

In order to go for an AWS 80TB Snowball, one should simply make a request from the AWS Management Console and the 80TB storage server will arrive at your premises with 7 working days.

The 80TB Snowball is available for a $250 service charge, compared to $200 for the 50TB model. It’s free to use onsite for 10 days and then users need to pay $15 per day after that. The price doesn’t include UPS shipping costs.



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