Pentagon Department of Defense endorses Windows 10 for data security

Want to keep your computing activity isolated from hackers and cyber criminals? Use Windows 10 Operating system says Pentagon’s Department of Defense CIO Terry Halvorsen.

The CIO also confirmed that the initiative taken up by Pentagon to update all 4 million of its official devices to Microsoft’s newly released Windows 10 by January next year is on its way and will be completed on time.

Terry also advised all the officials working for DOD to use Win 10 on their home PCs. If they aren’t doing it, then they are doing themselves injustice.

Halvorsen said these lines in an official press call last week and also added that he will issue this guidance on an official note to all DOD employees.

Terry feels that the new Windows 10 OS has a lot of security features in it which have the potential to keep hackers at bay to gain utmost data security. He also clarified that his words may sound like endorsement, but in practicability that’s truth.

Windows 10 continues to be pushed hard by the company both for individuals and enterprises with the July 29th deadline approaching for the free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users.

With an official endorsement from US Department of Defense (DOD), Microsoft will surely feel elated with its latest Operating System’s progress. This friendly relationship between the Department of Defense and Microsoft exists even though the company isn’t exactly on friendly terms with the government in other areas: Microsoft is currently suing the government over practices pertaining to search warrants for data and the right to notify customers.


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