Difference between a Windows Server and a Windows Storage Server

Windows Storage Server is a storage appliance which is based on the Windows Server Operating system, and is specifically optimized for use with Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices. Earlier in Windows Storage Server 2008, a couple of features —namely Single Instance Storage and the Microsoft iSCSI Software target were included. But in Windows Storage Server 2012, the appliance doesn’t have any extra features, other than those found in Windows Server 2012 OS.

DNF Storage offers Windows Storage Server 2012 appliances which are a great fit for small businesses or home offices that are looking for a robust storage solution with redundancy to protect your data and prevent downtime combined with the latest in storage management software, at an affordable price.

DNF FlexStor NAS+iSCSI storage appliance are perfect for adding storage to a new or existing virtual environment. Enhanced support for Hyper-V includes shared VHDs (Virtual Hard Disks), resizing of VHDs, while a Virtual Machine is running, storage Quality of Service (QoS), as well as improved performance for live migrations and cross-version live-migrations. An improved iSCSI target now supports VHDX (VHD 2.0) for capacities up to 64TB and supports SMI-S to enable end-to-end provisioning.

FlexStor’s NFS Network-Attached Storage protocol can be used for backend storage for Virtual Machines running on VMware ESX or ESXi.

Getting into the specs, FlexStor from DNF Storage is available in tower storage appliance and incorporates storage capacities of 12TB to 48TB. The appliance is also available in 16TB to 64TB storage capacity and with RAID protection choice of 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 and JBOD across six hot swappable SAS disk drives on an integrated ultra high performance 12Gbps SAS hardware RAID controller. Customers will also get an optional RAID cache flash memory backup module which will help in protecting against data loss in the event of failure of power resource.

The DNF Storage FlexStor 620tjz and FlexStor 800 tjz appliances are provided with two RAID certified 300GB 15K RPM SAS disk drives mirrored at RAID 1 specifically for operating system to ensure continuous availability. And the disks are completely independent of the data storage array.

A 920 Watt dual redundant 80-Plus platinum 94% high efficiency certified power supply with hot swappable modules ensures continuous up-time and reduced electrical consumption.

FlexStor NAS+iSCSI storage appliances are powered by Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit operating system. Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 provides both network file-based shared storage (NFS) as well as iSCSI target block storage. Windows Storage Server’s Resilient File System (ReFS) improves data integrity, availability and scalability.

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 supports a wide variety of robust features such as thin provisioning with just-in-time allocations, data deduplication to massively reduce the primary storage footprint on NTFS data volumes, and BranchCache to optimize performance over the WAN. Since there are no license limits on the number of connections, there is no need to purchase expensive licenses for each of your host systems.

To know more click on the link of Windows Storage Server

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