Apple Recycling recovered 1 Tonne gold from electronic waste

Apple, Inc., recent recycling program of electronic waste is said to have earned the Cupertino giant around 1 tonne of Gold and 3 tonnes of silver. Yes, what you read is correct, as this was published in the latest Environmental Responsibility Report submitted by Apple and endorsed by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Getting into the stats on a further note, it is revealed that Apple collected over 60 million pounds or 27,800 metric tonnes of e-waste for recycling in 2015.

Out of the collected waste, it recovered 1 tonne of gold, 3 tonnes of silver and 10,000 tonnes of steel.

The California’s electronic giant revealed that the said figure equated to 70% of the total weight of products which it sold seven to eight years ago. It attributed this to its recycling collection events, take-back initiatives, and efforts like Apple Renew, a global program that lets customers bring used Apple devices to any Apple Store for reuse or recycling.

In 2015, Apple collected around 27,831 tonnes of electronic waste and recovered—

  • Around 10,500 tonnes of steel
  • 18 tonnes of Nickel
  • 6090 tonnes of Plastic
  • 20 tonnes of Lead
  • 5420 tonnes of Glass
  • 59 tonnes of Zinc
  • 2050 tonnes of Aluminum
  • 2 Tonnes of Tin
  • 1340 Tonnes of Copper
  • 3 tonnes of Silver
  • 6 tonnes of Cobalt
  • 1 tonne of Gold

Most recyclers employee age old techniques like shredding, were only a few kinds of materials could be recovered and that too in diminished quality.

For this reason, Apple invented its iPhone line of recycling robots, known as Liam’s having the potential to disassemble over 1.2 million phones a year, sorting all high quality components and thus reducing the need to mine more resources from earth to extract minerals and metals to make components.

According to Apple’s recent media interaction, Liam prototypes are currently operating in California and Netherlands.

Apple also works with Zero Waste Facilities where it is committed to make sure all the waste create by both its own and its third party final assembly facilities is reused, recycled, composted or when necessary, is converted to energy.

To reach this goal, Apple is working with multiple teams comprising local government agencies, and specialty recyclers.

Even after disassembling of the e-waste, Apple ensures that the waste is either disposed in an environmental friendly way or is converted to energy.

Further, all Apple stores worldwide were said have initiated zero waste programs.

Apple is playing its part in keeping the environment free from electronic waste.

What are you doing?

If you are residing in California and would like to play your part in keeping the environment free from electronic waste, dispose your old and worn out electronics in a responsible way by seeking services of a responsible e-waste recycler.

One such responsible company offering such services is DNF Recycling. The said company is a full service provider designed to meet the requirements of assisting you with technology disposal.

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