How to reduce video storage costs?

Video Surveillance deployments are helpful in deterring criminals and offering video evidence in court of law. But in order to make the evidence get the approval of court of law, its must have enough clarity to prove on what has happened in practical. To obtain such high quality images, high resolution cameras should be used.

But using HD cameras brings in a new trouble which is increase in video storage costs, as High resolution images need more storage space on the media. So, how to smartly manage video storage costs and still have video evidence on hand.

DNF Security offers an innovative way to deal with such situation. It provides Falcon series of video recording and storage appliances in capacities which users usually demand.

Users can go for a DNF Security Falcon series of video storage appliance which has minimum storage capacity- say 2TB to 48TB. All their in-house surveillance capacity requirements can be satisfied by the said appliance. If the user needs to comply with video retention laws, then he/she can integrate their DNF Falcon Series of video storage appliances with DNF Cloud Connection.

DNF Security Cloud Connection integration helps users to move all their video surveillance archives to a safe and secure platform like StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

StoneFly Cloud Drives utilizing remote block or file storage are created as a virtual drive on the Falcon that will be recognized as if it were a regular disk drive.

Easily add mass amounts of storage for video archives on the Falcon in a matter of minutes, all without any investment in additional servers and storage appliances.

Combining a StoneFly Cloud Drive subscription with a Falcon Video Storage Appliance will immediately save on capital and operating expenses, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite video archival and backup inexpensively.

So, isn’t that an innovative and economical way to cut down video storage costs?


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