Most popular data storage methods in Hospitals!

According to the survey conducted by Chicago based market research firm HIMSS Analytics, the most popular methods of data storage among hospitals and health systems include:

  • Storage Area Network system (67%)
  • External storage media like tapes and discs (62%)
  • Network Attached Storage system (45%)
  • Outsourcing storage (26%)
  • Cloud Computing (24%)
  • Direct Attached Storage System (22%)

The survey respondents from large hospitals with more than 500 beds reported using a SAN system. NAS storage was most popular among hospitals with less than 500 beds.

Survey results are based on responses from 150 IT executives from randomly selected hospitals across the country

So, what does the survey results suggest?

The survey suggests that Storage vendors offering data storage appliances to healthcare sector have a lot of market to tap-in still.

However, with hackers targeting healthcare industry the most, the concern has shifted to data security than storage these days. The potential cost of breaches for the healthcare industry could be as much as $5.6 billion annually, according to a new report from Experian, a global information services firm. For healthcare, the forecast is stormy.

The report points as catalysts, the expanding number of access points to protected health information, or PHI, and other sensitive data via electronic medical records and the growing popularity of wearable technology make the healthcare industry a vulnerable and attractive target for cybercriminals.

In 2015, Reuters reported that the FBI released a private notice to the healthcare industry warning providers that their cyber-security systems are lax compared to other sectors. It specified in its report that hospitals are often easier targets for cyber crime because they lack the proper cyber security defenses.

So, what should be done?

Approach DNF Corporation as it not only provides reliable and affordable data storage solutions to healthcare sector, but also offers the solutions with utmost data security.

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. understands that the data connections between patients, doctors, and institutions will make today’s siloed, episodic, and inefficient healthcare experience a thing of the past.

DNF is here to make the future possible with consulting services, backed by integrated, reliable, future-ready NAS, SAS, and iSCSI storage solutions and workstations.


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