StoneFly offers In-Cloud NAS on Microsoft Azure!

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of DNF Corporation offers in-cloud NAS on Microsoft Azure cloud storage. This cloud based offering enables customers to have an end to end global file system using, highly scalable cloud based NAS via Azure Storage.

By using file storage in Azure, applications developed for use within the corporate data center can now run without a single change in Azure. Enterprises can not only use Azure storage for all tiers of file storage across all distributed locations, but also as an in-cloud NAS for applications running on Azure compute.

“As enterprises continue to take advantage of cloud scale and economics, the importance of hybrid architecture has become much more evident,” said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO & President of StoneFly, Inc. He added that active data and compute can be best served when next to each other, which is exactly what StoneFly enables whether the applications run on compute in the cloud or compute in any corporate data center.

StoneFly Cloud based scale out NAS

StoneFly Cloud Drive with Scale Out NAS allows users to “scale out” as their business grows by adding nodes without losing performance and bypassing any storage capacity size constraints that Azure may have.

With the StoneFly Cloud Drive enriched with Scale Out feature users can expand one or more volumes across multiple StoneFly Cloud Drives and Azure blobs using no metadata and a single namespace. Performance increases as new StoneFly Cloud Drive nodes are added.

Best of all, users can manage multiple Cloud Drive nodes with just a single user interface. Each time the StoneFly Cloud Drive is scaled out, it adds more capacity, more throughput, and more concurrency. Installation, management and scaling is simple to achieve at any size.

StoneFly Cloud Drive’s Scale Out NAS on Microsoft Azure solve enterprise storage requirements, like-

  • Enterprise wide file sharing with a single access point across data storage locations
  • Nearline storage for infrequently accessed data that needs to be online
  • Rich Media (audio & video) content distribution with Petabyte scale storage and high read performance requirements
  • High performance storage for bandwidth-intensive applicatons like weather prediction and oil and gas exploration
  • Centralized storage- as-a-service to enterprise applications
  • Backup target and archival platform for off-site data protection

StoneFly Cloud Controller running on Azure enables a transparent, hybrid architecture that solves application performance issues caused when data is not co-located next to the application. The StoneFly Cloud Controller not only delivers an in-cloud NAS to Azure, but integrates this in-cloud NAS with the rest of the global file system in corporate datacenters. Data is always immediately available and consistent in every datacenter including Azure.

High-performance computing, antivirus, file auditing, search, indexing, and rendering applications, as well as application and desktop virtualization can now run natively in the cloud, in the corporate datacenter, or in both locations.  With StoneFly Cloud NAS, data is secured at rest as well as in transit in between controllers and the cloud with AES-256 encryption, Azure Key Vault for easy encryption key management, industry standard transport protocols between user devices and Microsoft Azure data centers and within data centers, secure connections between VMs, threat management against online attacks, monitoring, logging, reporting, timely alerts and penetration testing to improve security controls and processes.

Only pay for the storage you use. Since, StoneFly Cloud Drive storage plans are all priced month-to-month, there is no annual commitment.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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