Get a remote iSCSI Drive with StoneFly!

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation is offering StoneFly Virtual Dedicated Storage (VDS) with remote iSCSI drive in Cloud Business Center.

Customers can easily add mass amounts of storage to their workstation or server in a matter of minutes all without any investment in new servers and storage appliances through this Virtual Drive available in StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

By subscribing to StoneFly Virtual Dedicated Storage, users will immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

StoneFly’s Virtual Dedicated Storage is available with all of the advanced data storage management options that our world-class iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN appliances offer, including volume encryption, data deduplication, replication, mirroring and snapshots. With StoneFly’s Remote iSCSI Drives and Virtual Dedicated Storage you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss.

For those who are concerned about security, StoneFly offers hardware enabled block level AES 256 volume Encryption. Mountable read-write snapshot feature is available on this appliance. Logical volume creation and patented advanced storage virtualization service is available on StoneFly Remote iSCSI Drive mounted on StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

The virtual dedicated storage is hosted on StoneFly’s world class USS and USS-HA Unified Server and Storage Appliance. High-performance features include dual hexa-core storage virtualization engines, hot-swappable disk drives, hardware RAID with cache battery backup for protection against disk failures, redundant hot-swappable power supply modules, and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load-balancing to maximize system up-time and allow you unfettered access to your Remote iSCSI Drive

To minimize storage costs, StoneFly remote iSCSI drive users can also get Thin Provisioning and Data Deduplication services on demand for increased storage efficiency.

Only pay for the storage you use. Since StoneFly’s Virtual Dedicated Storage plans are all priced month-to-month, there is no annual commitment.

To know more sign up today!


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