Microsoft to reduce OneDrive Cloud Storage from 15GB to 5GB

It’s Official! Microsoft has given a 90-day notice that their free allowance will be scaled back from 15GB to 5GB in late July this year. The company has circulated this message via email to all its IP Storage users and has stated in the email that July 27th, 2016 will be the last day for users to use the 15GB limit.

Additionally, Microsoft has also announced that it’s going to withdraw its 15GB free “Camera Roll” bonus it once gave to anyone who asked. So, all those users who had 30GB of free storage will have just 5GB from the said date.

In November last year, Microsoft announced that it was retreating from its prior promise of unlimited storage for the consumer grade Office 365 subscriptions. The company said that the Unlimited Storage users were using the free storage for commercial purposes (users storing around 75TB of content), rather than home use. For this reason, it was forced to reduce the unlimited policy to 1TB announced in early 2015.

So, all those users who have more than 5GB OneDrive data should transfer the data either to another service provider which offers unlimited storage or atleast to the one which offers more than 5GB storage or should only retain critical data below 5GB in OneDrive Cloud storage.

Do, you have another  smart choice………?

Although Microsoft’s camera-roll bonus is going away, there’s another way to earn up to 10GB of free OneDrive storage: referrals.

Whenever a friend, family member, co-worker or even complete stranger signs up for OneDrive using my special referral link, you’ll both get an extra 500MB of storage. So just find 20 interested parties and, get back you’re 15GB of free space.


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