DNF Security Fanless PC plays vital role in electronic police surveillance

Vehicular traffic grows proportionately as the population grows in a region. Although, this is good when development of region is taken into account, it also brings in new challenges and forces to have intelligent transportation system.

This is where enhancement of automation level of transportation management system becomes critical for transportation departments located around the world.

Electronic police surveillance system can be applied to big traffic junctions to decrease traffic accidents and ease the duty of police personnel by automatically taking pictures of those who are violating the traffic rules.

The system should be vehicle operable and must be able to work in harsh environments like poor road conditions, dust pollution and hot conditions. The system must have great processing power and graphic capability.

DNF Security’s fanless series PC’s incorporate powerful hardware components such as Intel 3rd-Gen i7/i5 processors, High speed DDR3 memory and Enterprise class hard drives to offer extraordinary computing power, fanless architecture and reliable operation for in-vehicle surveillance.

DNF Security fanless series PCs can be used in police vehicles which are on patrolling duty. These in-vehicle small but powerful computing machines are available with a storage capacity of 1TB enabling patrolling officers to install database driven by analytics.

So, all those officers who are using DNF Fanless solutions can have computing power and database on hand to process ticketing requests and capture traffic violators.

DNF Security fanless series PCs can also be used for fleet management and public transit.

This arrangement not only fits into smaller footprint, but can cope with industrial, inaccessible and harsh outdoor environments as well. As the computing system is completely fanless server, its operation is extremely quite along with excellent heat dissipation.

DNF Security Fanless PCs are loaded with a Windows 7 Professional operating system which is one of the most reliable OSes released by Microsoft.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Fanless PCs


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