Denmark based medical equipment manufacturer relies on StoneFly for 24/7 availability

Denmark based medical equipment manufacture is relying on StoneFly’s disaster recovery strategy of reliable backup and replication. Want to know how? Just follow the article and know how the Silicon Valley based company is saving the medical equipment manufacture from facing downtime costs of approximately $38,000 per hour.

The business challenge

Millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on said company’s products, often in life-threatening situations. The company’s operations are dependent on the Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP), which is part of a massive IT infrastructure spread across 8 data centres worldwide. Ninety Nine percent of the IT infrastructure is virtualized on VMware vSphere. Approximately 600 virtual machines (VMs) contain 73TB of data.

The VMs running the ERP system are in company’s primary data center located in Denmark. If a disaster strikes the primary data centre, critical systems including the ERP system must be restored quickly in the secondary data centre to resume business operations, otherwise, the company can face a downtime loss of 38K on hourly basis. So, whole of the disaster recovery (DR) strategy relies on reliable backup and replication combined with high-speed recovery.

The medical equipment manufacture had issues running backups, as most of the time the backup processes failed. Some backups were corrupted and there was no replication feature activated to achieve advanced disaster recovery.

When the company contacted their current backup vendor, the vendor wanted them to purchase new hardware.

However, the IT wasn’t sure that the new hardware purchase will solve the issue and that’s what made the company look for alternatives.

The StoneFly solution

The Medical Equipment manufacturer choose StoneFly DR365 Fusion Cluster as it proved as a total backup solution for its entire physical and virtual server and workstation needs. The appliance had active-active hot swappable cluster nodes with failover and failback capabilities and so the Denmark based company was able to handle all its backup operations with a single central management console.

The medical equipment manufacturer was super impressed by the fact that DR365 Fusion Cluster appliance can provide anywhere from 80TB to 640 TeraBytes of backup storage capacity for their business. As every cluster appliance could accommodate any combination of near-line SAS, enterprise SAS, or enterprise SSD storage tiers as required, achieving needed performance for the organization will never become an issue from now on.

An embedded hypervisor on each cluster node allows backed up VMs and new user-created VMs to be spun up directly on the DR365 Fusion Cluster appliance.

The backup controller provides a wide range of features and functionality for backup, data management, high-availability, and mobility. Data services like snapshot, one-pane management, SSL-encryption, level-1 data deduplication, compression also come with the appliance.

In case of appliance failure, StoneFly DR365 allows restoration of files, folders, volumes, or an entire system from any point of time with Bare Metal Recovery.

Since, Stonefly DR365 Fusion Cluster supports automatic replication of backups to additional locations, extra level of disaster recovery is also possible. Data loaded onto the tapes or external hard drives can then be transported off to the premises to be safely stored in offsite vaulting. If a catastrophe strikes, those offsite backups can then be used to restore data on a new machine.

As the Denmark based medical equipment manufacturer was looking for more automated sophistication, StoneFly offered it Remote replication feature from on-premises DR365 Fusion Cluster appliance to Microsoft Azure.

StoneFly Cloud replication made the Medical equipment manufacturer meet the SLAs and enabled high speed recovery restoration of whole VMs, files and application items in minutes.

The Results

  • Supports DR strategy with 24×7 availability- If the medical equipment provider’s primary data centre suffers a disaster, the IT team will use remote replication to recover a corrupted VM by failing over to its replica at a secondary data centre. If multiple VMs fail, StoneFly will inject batch processing to restore operations with minimum downtime
  • Recovery Time decreased from hours to minutesStoneFly DR365 Fusion Cluster appliances provides fast, dependable recovery of virtualized applications and data. The solution allows restoration of entire VMs, operating system files and individual application items in minutes and not in hours like previous.

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