Microsoft introduces ‘Cool Blob Storage’

Microsoft has started offering a service called ‘Cool Blob Storage (CBS)’ for users who have to store infrequently accessed data. CBS is a low cost storage used to store infrequently object data such as backups, media content, scientific data, compliance and archival data.

In general, any data which lives for a longer period of time and is being accessed once a month is a perfect candidate for cool storage.

Microsoft is offering blob storage accounts, where users will have the privilege to choose between hot and cool access tiers to store object data based on its access patterns.

Microsoft Blob Storage accounts capabilities include-

  • Cost Effective: Microsoft is offering the privilege to store cold or less frequently accessed data on its platform for a low cost of $0.01GB.
  • Compatibility- Microsoft has designed its CBS to be 100% API compatible which allows users to make use the new storage accounts in existing applications seamlessly.
  • Performance- When it comes to latency and throughput, data in both tiers has same profile
  • Availability- The Hot access tier guarantees high availability of 99.9% while the cool access tier offers a slightly lower availability of 99%. With the RA GRS redundancy option, Azure can provide a higher read SLA of 99.99% for the hot access tier and 99.9% for the cold access tier.
  • Scalability and security- Blob storage accounts provide the same scalability and security features as our existing offering.
  • Global reach- Blob storage accounts are available for use starting from April 28th, 2016 in most Azure regions with additional regions to be added up soon.

Many of us use Azure Storage via partner solutions as part of our existing data infrastructure. Here are updates from one of such Microsoft partners on their support for Cool storage:

StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted on Microsoft Azure are available with all of the advanced data storage management options that our world-class iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN appliances offer, including thin provisioning, mirroring and snapshots. StoneFly Cloud Drive on Microsoft Azure offers 16TB storage capacity per Cloud Drive Node and supports unlimited hosts.

StoneFly’s native support for Azure has been a key benefit for customers considering a move to Azure and so the wholly owned business subsidiary of DNF Corporation remains committed to continuing its integration and compatibility efforts with Microsoft, befitting a close relationship between the companies that has existed for over 17 years.

With this new Cool Storage offering, Microsoft again makes significant enhancements to their Azure offering and we expect that this service will be an important driver of new opportunities for both StoneFly and Microsoft.


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