Video surveillance benefits in school bus and transportation vehicles

High level security is hard to maintain on city and school buses, especially, when the only authoritative figure in the bus is the driver. Video surveillance cameras can prove handy in such circumstances, as they not only help in deterring criminals, but also capture inappropriate behavior of people, drivers driving habits and children’s mischievous activities. Additionally, these cameras can also supply valuable video evidence during criminal investigations.

There are numerous advantages of implementing a bus security system and they are as follows-

Protect the bus drivers- Daily, while in commute, a driver never knows what type of passenger will enter his/her vehicle. The presence of onboard security cameras can help in deterring (to a certain extent only) and investigating unacceptable behavior and aggressive outbursts directed towards drivers. Agree that cameras may not change the mind of a criminal with a focused motive. But atleast, they can provide crucial evidence when situation arises- such as a bus hijack.

Helps in implementation of laws- Bus rules and regulations are easier to enforce with a second set of eyes. It’s common for buses to feature signs which mention the presence of surveillance equipment. So, riders will follow rules, pay bus fare and obey driver orders; as soon as they notice that they are being monitored.

Prevent theft- Sometimes, bus commuters claim that their belongings were robbed by some unknown. Under these circumstances, video footage can prove valuable in proving crime.

Deter Violence- Sometimes petty issues can lead to arguments between passengers and then lead to violence- often under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Surveillance cameras can monitor for such unsavory activity, enabling operators to alert authorities should an incident break out.

Enhance passenger safety- To induce a kind of confidence into passengers that their mode of transportation is safe; security camera installation can prove beneficial. Onboard video surveillance cameras give riders the assurance that authorities are doing everything in their power to provide high level of security

Liability- False liability claims and law suits can prove devastating to school as well as public transport authorities. Passengers can claim they slipped and fell on the bus and ask for a big claim. This is where a security camera footage installed in the bus system can prove useful in determining whether the claim is true or false.


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