Avoid video storage tampering troubles with DNF TampergGuard!

Mission critical video surveillance applications need hardware which needs to be tamper proof–especially, those projects which involve 1000’s of security cameras.

Reason- anyone in the central monitoring station can tamper the recorded videos and in some cases destroy valuable video evidence.

In year 2013, a similar incident was reported in a casino in New York, where a person slapped a lawsuit against the casino saying that she was duped in a game by a group of people in the casino.

On the day of the hearing, all the video footage of the event was analyzed by judge and it was found that some portions of the recorded video were missing or were tampered. After a clinical inquiry, the court ordered the casino owner to pay a compensation of $10,000 to the woman, who suffered embarrassment filled trauma after loosing the game.

Therefore, irrespective of the surveillance environment, it is better to have a video storage appliance which is tamper proof.

DNF’s Lifeline-TamperGuard provides the ability to automatically discover undesired and unauthorized changes in configuration of DNF Security Falcon video storage appliances and continuously monitors them for any type of configuration changes.

It is able to determine whether any type of unauthorized changes have been made and by who, what, when, and where. Lifeline-TamperGuard configuration change manager can also compare system configurations with regulatory requirements or industry best practices (internal and external policies) and highlight areas that need to be investigated.

To know more click on DNF Lifeline TamperGuard web link


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