StoneFly offers remote iSCSI drive for advanced data continuity service!

Companies looking to add mass amounts of storage to their workstation or server in a matter of minutes can opt for a remote iSCSI drive service from StoneFly. This virtual drive will help businesses cut down investment on new servers and storage appliances, thus helping all those companies struggling with tighter budgets.

StoneFly’s Virtual Dedicated Storage (VDS) implements a Remote iSCSI drive to quickly add storage on the fly. The remote iSCSI drive is available with all the advanced data storage management options such as world class iSCSI and FC SAN appliances including volume encryption, data deduplication, replication, mirroring and snapshots.

Now, to those who are thinking on how this drive will be useful apart from getting virtual drive storage, here’s a fact.

StoneFly IP SAN users can opt for this virtual drive storage to store all of their production data in the said private cloud. This process can help StoneFly users gain advanced disaster recovery options. As soon as the StoneFly user opts for a virtual drive, it appears and behaves the same as a local drive does on user’s workstation or server.

Additionally, StoneFly Remote iSCSI Drive can be used as an offsite storage for regulatory compliance.

To know more click on Remote iSCSI Drive link of StoneFly



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