Automate your backups to secure cloud storage!

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned business unit of Dynamic Network Factory is offer an automated tool to secure all your enterprise data backups to secure cloud storage of your choice. StoneFly CDR365 is a perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage. The application combines easy to use GUI interface with powerful functionality of advanced disaster recovery.

StoneFly CDR365 users can set up the desired backup frequency of their choice. They can go for an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backup (not recommended). The service backs up all content and runs as a Windows service and tracks folders for new or changed files to back them up immediately.

For users who are concerned about data security, all your backups will be protected by AES 256 algorithm on transit. So, all your data will be secure from hackers and snooping eyes. Additionally, if you want to go for high end data security, you can at first encrypt your data and then feed it to the cloud

Often backups cause network bottlenecks in enterprise environments. Therefore, StoneFly CDR365 allows users to backup data during off hours and on weekends, while consuming only 10% of bandwidth during business hours.

As soon as users of StoneFly CDR365 load the software onto the server, it creates a virtual drive on the cloud of their choice. The remote drive looks as if it is on a local machine and offers access to user’s data at anytime.

Nowadays, the trend is to go for hybrid cloud storage, where users have the privilege to store data on a local appliance and feed some of their data to the cloud. CDR365 users can also opt for this service if needed.

The CDR365 software backups up files on an incremental note and so only changed parts of a file are tracked down.

After each backup is completed, the system admin receives a confirmation email receipt.

Request for more info by clicking on StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery web link


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