What are the factors that influence Video surveillance storage!

Video Surveillance has the potential to provide business owners as well as law enforcement agencies video evidence against crime and criminals. For this reason, the deployment of this technology is taking place in full swing around the world.

However, due to high costs involved in surveillance deployments only big businesses are coming forward to embrace it. SMBs are either ignoring this security technology or are busy searching for ways to optimize the involved costs.

Technically speaking, most of the investment done on surveillance is consumed by video surveillance storage. But if this surveillance component is smartly architected, it surely adds more value to the investment made on it.

Traditionally, video surveillance storage is influenced by following factors-

  • Number of Cameras involved in the monitoring project
  • Whether recording will be continuous or event based
  • Number of hours per day the camera will be recording
  • Frames per second
  • Image resolution
  • Video Compression type-Motion JPEG, MPEG4, H.264, H.265( the latest)
  • Image complexity such as a grey wall, forest, lighting conditions, and amount of motion
  • How long data must be stored or data retention period

If users can smartly tackle the above said factors with today’s varied solutions, they can handle their video surveillance storage needs in a cost effective way without compromising performance, capacity or security.

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. has deep experience in closed and networked IP video solutions for diverse surveillance platform needs.

DNF solutions are backed by powerful security brands, such as Avigilon and Genetec, and DNF-branded NAS and SAS storage platforms are flexible, fast, and capable.

Whatever your needs, DNF provides a full host of IT Services and Consulting, along with integrated, reliable, future-ready technology, backed by satisfied clients throughout the world.


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