Get a detailed IT Inventory and Audit from DNF!

Are you having legacy IT equipment in your premises and planning to replace it with the latest innovation? Surely, most of the IT decision makers will have this question in their mind and will be looking to explore the best options

This is where DNF Recycling can prove extremely helpful as it will perform a detailed inventory and assessment of the IT equipment at their facility and a detailed report will be generated and provided to the customer at no cost.

If the enterprise customer is willing to part with its old equipment for a new technology replacement and if the enterprise happens to be in and around California, DNF will also arrange for a pickup and transportation of the old equipment to their location. Typically the company doesn’t charge or a pickup and removal of equipment. However, distance of travel is currently limited to the state of California.

If the equipment has some recyclable components, DNF will offer credit on purchase on new equipment. However, keep in mind that not all items accepted will be qualified for a credit and the discount offered on new equipment purchase is subjected to stipulations.

In order to know how much credit will your old equipment fetch click on the web page of DNF Recycling


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