Virtualization offers these 10 best benefits!

Virtualization of data center offers a lot of benefits….you heard this line already- right? But did you ever bother in knowing what those benefits are in reality? This article will throw some light on what virtualization offers to companies; irrespective of their size and business vertical.

Technically speaking, virtualization offers profound changes to the way data centers perform and makes sense on multiple levels.

Less heat from servers- Virtualization helps data centers have less hardware and less servers often leads to one thing- less heat generation. Generation of less heat in data centers often gets rid of host of issues and one such major thing is that it lessens cooling costs.

Reduces costs- Hardware costs the most in a data center. The moment data center managers work out a plan to reduce hardware, they will observer easier maintenance, less electricity usage and overtime this all adds up to significant cost savings.

Faster Redeployment- Generally, when a physical server dies, the redeployment time depends on a number of factors-

  • Do you have a backup server ready?
  • Do you have an image of your server?
  • Is the data on your backup server current?

With virtualization, the redeployment can occur within minutes. Virtual machines snapshots can be enabled with just a few clicks. And with virtual backup tools like StoneFly CDR365, redeploying images will be so fast that end users will hardly notice there was a downtime.

Easier Backups- Virtualization offers full backups and snapshots of all virtual machines. These virtual machines can be moved from one server to another and redeployed easier and faster. Snapshots can be taken throughout the day, ensuring much more up to date data is available on hand. And because redeployment of a snapshot is faster than booting up a typical server, downtime can be cut down on a dramatic note.

Green Computing- All those who are interested in embracing green computing in their enterprise environments should go for virtualization. It not only helps in reducing carbon footprint, but also helps in putting the company image on top in the industry. Also consumers want to see companies do their best in saving the planet from pollution.

Testing environments- Virtualization makes testing easier and isolates the testing environment from end users while still keeping them online. As a result, when the application is ready for deployment, users can go live with it in a much easy way.

No vendor lock-in- One of the nice things about virtualization is the abstraction between software and hardware. This means you don’t have to be tied down to one particular vendor — the virtual machines don’t really care what hardware they run on, so you’re not tied down to a single vendor, type of server (within reason of course), or even platform.

Propels the process of disaster recovery- Disaster recovery is quite a bit easier when your data center is virtualized. With up-to-date snapshots of your virtual machines, you can quickly get back up and running. And should disaster strike the data center itself, you can always move those virtual machines elsewhere (so long as you can re-create the network addressing scheme and such). Having that level of flexibility means your disaster recovery plan will be easier to enact and will have a much higher success rate.

Single minded servers- Virtualization helps in having disparate server environment on premises. Users can have a separate email server, web server and database server all functioning on a single physical server.

Migration becomes easier- With a move to virtual machines, you are that much closer to enjoying a full-blown cloud environment. You may even reach the point where you can deploy VMs to and from your data center to create a powerful cloud-based infrastructure. But beyond the actual virtual machines, the virtualized technology gets you closer to a cloud-based mindset, making the migration all the more easy.

After taking a note of all these benefits, enterprise users will automatically show interest in virtualizing their data center.

DNF Corporation will help you accelerate and jumpstart your deployment and migration plan to make full user of your IT assets, lower your costs, and increase your employees’ access to company resources in any geography.

DNF is a certified partner of VMware and will bring you the assistance of its 16 years of innovative engineering and configuration knowledge.


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