Austria based Energy service provider depends on StoneFly Cloud backup Connect for business continuity!

Austria based company( name withheld due to NDA) which offers testing, diagnosing and monitoring of electrical devices in power utilities offers superior technical support around the clock for free of charge. But its current backup was too complicated and slow to recover data, putting technical support delivery at risk. The company that helps the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe and reliable for power utilities was looking to reinvent its backup strategy of its storage environment to avail frequent backups and provide multiple restore points for business critical systems.

StoneFly, Inc. which is a provider of data storage, back up and recovery services was approached by the solution provider for power utilities. California based StoneFly not only offered a backup solution that integrates with the providers’ in-house storage solution, but also offered cloud based recovery services for faster recovery of data.

The Business Challenge

Superior Technical support is extremely important for Austria based solution provider which is active in business in more than 150 countries and employs more than 700 people around the world. So, technical support has to be available for 24×7 on all continents. The company offers the dedicated support where customers can submit questions, and download software updates, manuals, presentations and reports. This level of customer support is made possible through the efforts of highly qualified technicians in 22 branch offices and an IT infrastructure rooted in virtualization and storage snapshot technology.

To provide 24×7 technical support, technicians require 24×7 access to virtualized applications and data on 730 VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs) containing 230TB of information. Without 24×7 access, technicians can’t serve customers the way their company intends—and the way customers appreciate and expect.

In order to ensure 24×7 access, the branch offices deployed backup software from a well renowned firm for local VM backup and fast recovery. But if one of those branched officers suffered a catastrophic disaster, then the company suffered huge losses.

So, it began to search for a solution that offers recovery redundancy. The company wanted a solution which allows the branch offices transfer backups copies to the company’s main data center, which in-turn transfers the content to cloud. The plan was if one of the branch offices suffers a catastrophic incident such as a fire, the primary data centre will recover VMs from a backup copy and reinstate access to technicians.

This is where the Austria based energy service provider was facing a business challenge. The backup tool to cloud was difficult to use and slow to restore VMs. Recovery could take hours, but technicians need 24×7 access for business continuity.

The StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect for disaster recovery

StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect allows its customers to store valuable server and workstation backups in the cloud. StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect empowers organizations to fully utilize their existing backup software or existing backup appliance’s disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

Compatible with any existing enterprise backup software or backup appliance like Symantec Backup Exec, Acronis, Commvault, Veeam, NovaStor, Unitrends, etc., StoneFly provides a backup connector to customer’s choice of private, hybrid or public cloud. Implement a quick and simple disaster recovery plan while storing backups off-site in Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud, VMware vCloud Air, StoneFly Cloud Business Center, or your remote private or hybrid cloud.

The Austria based company was also offered the same solution and so it could not only replicate all its branch office data to main data center. The main data center was also backing up whole of its data to Microsoft Azure for advanced recovery purposes.

The Result

  • Integration and fast recovery enable 24×7 technical services worldwide. As StoneFly Cloud backup connect helps in backing up branched office data to cloud, recovering of data is quick – in some cases within a couple of hours of a disaster.
  • StoneFly Backup Connect’s frequent backup provides multiple restore points for business critical systems.

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