Survey finds that businesses still have only one copy of backed up business data!

Enterprises are not taking backup and disaster recovery on a serious note and this was revealed as a fact in a survey conducted by an online cloud based backup and file management service provider named CloudBerry Lab, Inc.

The independent survey conducted by the backup service provider revealed that many organizations are successfully modernizing their backup strategies through using cloud backup and features like automation to cloud or physical appliance or were either opting for a hybrid backup strategy where critical data is moved to cloud and most of it is stored on the physical appliance.

CloudBerry survey also revealed that many organizations were exhibiting lax attitude towards backup- meaning they may not have the level of backup and protection they actually need.

The survey which was carried out by survey firm ‘Survey Monkey’ included 400 full time employees from different organizations and among them, almost half of them agreed that their company was doing business by just having a single copy of business data. This clearly means that it can complete operational disruption in the event that data becomes inaccessible.

Approximately 27% of respondents reported that they have lost business data during disasters as they had no data backup strategy in place.

Nearly 42% of respondents rely on automation for backup, showing they are advancing their strategies to require minimal human intervention. However, this good news is tempered by the fact that an equal number of respondents backup only “from time to time,” sometimes as infrequently as once a month.

The survey monkey survey commissioned by CloudBerry confirmed that over 44% of enterprises continue to rely on external drives such as tape for backup and only 17% of them depend on cloud services. This is in spite of the inherent shortcomings of tape-based methods, including security risks resulting from theft, loss and other human error.

Ironically, an overwhelming majority of respondents (approximately 62%) cited security concerns as their biggest concern regarding cloud-based backup. Other concerns with using the cloud for backup include the work/cost associated with the initial data seed; fear of vendor lock-in; lack of interoperability with existing storage solutions and possible productivity drains.

So, how true are these accusations delivered by respondents?

Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of StoneFly, Inc. says that the current opinion on the backup solutions of some folks shows how obtuse they are about the backup and disaster recovery industry.

He added that industry has revolutionized in recent times. Now, cloud based backup such as StoneFly CDR365 protect data on rest and on transit via with the help of an encryption algorithm set by a unique encryption key. This keep data protected from hackers and snooping eyes at rest and while on fly.

At the same time, disc based solutions such as StoneFly CDR365 Fusion Cluster which are purposed built hyper converged infrastructure solutions are fault tolerant and highly available making them isolated from inherent shortcomings such as human errors and security risks.

Hence, all this proves that there are newer, more modern options available, making the best backup processes available to even the most resource constrained companies.

So, what are you waiting for folks?


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