File level storage vs block level storage

File Level vs block level storage is the most buzzing word on Google search. That means, Technology enthusiasts, IT professionals, data storage professionals, those willing to upgrade their storage environments and those who are in a dubious position on whether to go for a file or block storage are searching avidly for the said search term.

The two most popular storage system technologies are file level storage and block level storage. File level storage is seen and deployed in Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Block level storage is seen and deployed in Storage Area Network (SAN) storage.

Follow the link of File vs Block level storage to know more.

If your are still not in a position to decide which storage( NAS or SAN) is best for your business startup or your current storage environment, then StoneFly offers a smart solution to this scenario.

You can buy a StoneFly USO Unified Scale out SAN + Scale out NAS storage appliance which can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. It serves as a NAS or a SAN or Both.


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