FBI issues warning about spike in Ransomware attacks!

FBI has issued warning that there’s been a rise in Ransomware attacks in the past two years. The federal agency has also offered some tips on how businesses can avoid being victimized.

According to a bulletin from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cyber criminals are targeting much broader range of businesses such as healthcare facilities and other critical infrastructures such as power stations and nuclear power plants.

In April, the city of Lansing, Michigan issued a news bulletin that its water and power utility IT infrastructure has suffered a cyber attack. Although, there was no news about the impact of damage, the department agreed that some data loss has taken place.

FBI has determined that businesses are showing their helplessness in dealing with ransomware attacks and this is making hackers hyper active in the field. Another reason may be that the costs are unknown, so it’s hard to make a business decision regarding ransomware.

Opening emails which have malware infected attachments is said to be causing a lot of damage in the said scenario.

Likewise, many organizations simply do not focus on the problem of dealing with malware attacks including ransomware. Even, managers don’t know whether they have adequate backups, whether those backups could be restored, or how long it would take to recover from such a data loss.

Adding to the problem is that most companies don’t have the means to get out of trouble if they’re hit. So, they end up paying the ransom and hope that the attacker keeps the promise to deliver the decryption keys.

Hence, what can be done in this situation?

FBI suggests that the first thing to do will be to rely on a good anti-malware protection and to train the employees on different situations. Enterprises must develop a policy where its entire workforce or those belonging to IT receive adequate training on what to do and what not to do while handling email attachments.

The other step is to start implementing real, off-site, cloud backups that are constantly up to date. These backups to the cloud can’t be just a virtual disk drive where things get copied. It needs to be real cloud storage that’s not visible at the operating system level.

The reason for that is most ransomware can see storage that appears as an attached drive, and will also encrypt that along with your PC

A dedicated workforce should be employed to work with the commitment of protecting data against all cyber attacks. Ask them to formulate a policy to help react against such situations.

Perhaps most important defensive measure is to make those plans and decisions well in advance, and then practice their implementation regularly.

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