Use DNF Flashback for Integrated System Recovery

In today’s world, so many people rely on computers for everything and no one can afford to loose data. But Malware attacks, hardware mis-configurations, software problems, computer sabotages can lead to downtime and data loss.

This is where DNF Flashback which is an Integrated System Recovery tool can prove extremely helpful in recovering an entire system image allowing a server user to avoid downtime. DNF Lifeline Flashback not only allows system recovery, but also offers system snapshots which present the ability to gain back all the configuration changes a user has made since then.

The concept of DNF Lifeline Flashback is that regardless of what a user could potentially do to a computer, the PC changes can be undone quickly and easily. Therefore, DNF Lifeline can reset your system and correct any computer problems by going back to a prior system configuration.

Whether you have only basic computer skills or you are an IT support technician Flashback is user friendly.  It is not only simple, but is very fast to implement.  It takes minutes to restore your system back to proper working order.

In particular people with public access computers seem to be the most at risk for sabotage, viruses, or even inadvertent computer crashes.  DNF Lifeline Flashback is the security blanket that will reduce the possibility of losing data or downtime should any of these mishaps occur.  The system will quite simply be restored back to the time prior to when the problem occurred.

To know more click on DNF Lifeline Flashback webpage


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