Video Surveillance can help in protecting critical public infrastructure

Law enforcement agencies are always seen striving to implement security measures that protect critical public infrastructure. Reason- Airports to public parks, sports arenas to highways always act as enticing targets for terrorist attacks due to the large amount of people and resources clustered together in one place.

So, when the level of threat is so high, enhanced detection capabilities are required to seamlessly distribute information to decision makers and emergency personnel to identify and respond to threats in real time. Moreover, the ability of the solution should be in such a way that it offers more proactive results, rather than just reactive results.

In this scenario, law enforcement forces need the right technology to assist them. The technology must help the security and emergency personnel coordinate and communicate with civil and federal agency authorities.

In past two decades, surveillance has revolutionized into an intelligent platform. It has emerged as an important tool to assist emergency responders and officials in reaching their security objectives.

Modern age video surveillance system consists of a wide range of disparate sensor data combined into a single portal. This includes data from security cameras, alarm systems, GPS, and social media monitoring systems. The integration of sensor data into one place is a critical development for law enforcement working in time sensitive situations, as it allows application of analytics to implement proactive necessitates. This allows the first responders get the ability to triage behaviors on a scale much larger than manpower can provide.

Automation gives law enforcement agencies to prevent or respond to a terrorist attack in a more speedy, meticulous and effective way. It further helps the authorities to change the tactics as per the criminal and terrorist mind.

Thus, on an overall note, a video surveillance system integrated with other security platforms acts as a technology asset that keeps pace with the thinking of terrorists and criminals of today and helps in neutralizing their thoughts and activities which cause more harm to human kind.

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