Copenhagen based cloud hosting provider relies on StoneFly Replication services

Copenhagen based cloud hosting provider( name kept anonymous due to NDA) is relying on StoneFly Replication services for high availability and advanced disaster recovery services. The Demark based company is spending substantial time, money and effort designing in planning and implementing its hosting infrastructure to its customers. But due to reasons, the data center of the company was lacking high availability feature which is crucial for any & every cloud business. StoneFly Replication is helping the IP Storage provider spread its data across multiple data centers to ensure utmost data continuity in the event of a data center disaster.

To know more, let us first sneak into the challenge the company was facing.

The challenge

The company operating from the Capital city of Denmark was offering Backup-as-a-service and Disaster Recovery-as-a-service. But it was lagging behind in offering a competitive recovery time and point objective(RTPO).

The Solution

To offer lowest RTPO when it comes to data recovery, data should be stored in more than one location, requiring a remote host or another physical appliance to be highly available. But the said cloud service provider’s recovery solution was too slow and outdated.

Since, the cloud service provider was using a StoneFly IP SAN, the sales team of StoneFly recommended it to go for StoneFly Remote Replication service to Cloud Business Center(CBC).

StoneFly Remote Replication to Cloud Business Center(CBC) allows users to easily replicate their data from their physical or virtual iSCSI and FC SAN storage appliance to StoneFly Cloud Business Center. By opting for remote replication feature, users can add one or more disaster recovery sites for their important data without the need to invest on another physical appliance.

StoneFly Replication allowed the cloud service provider to recover from malware on a very recent note.

“The CryptoLocker virus affected cloud service provider, and they contacted us for advice about paying fees to unlock their data,” Mo Tahmasebi, CEO & President of StoneFly Inc., said. “Before we called them again we restored their VMs via StoneFly Replication. When we told them their VMs were up and running, they thought we were joking at first. Then they were happy to learn they lost very little production time.”

Therefore, StoneFly Remote Replication provided yet another revenue opportunity for the hosting provider.


  • StoneFly Remote replication slashed RTPO to 23 minutes from 24 hours.
  • Thus, the cloud provider can now provide availability services to customers and start a new line of business: BaaS and DRaaS for large enterprise companies managing their own VMs.

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