Demand for Hyper Converged Storage Appliances grows!

Software defined storage technology is said to become mainstream in coming years and that’s being predicted by world renowned research and analytical firm Gartner. The research firm adds that by 2019, the demand for Hyper Converged Integrated systems will grow, hitting $5 Billion mark.

As per Gartner, Hyper Converged appliances are based on commodity hardware and features shared storage and compute resources. The unified management interface gives IT professionals required tools to balance those resources and align them to the needs of their business application workloads.

A recent Gartner survey on Hyper Converged appliance market confirmed that enterprises are snapping up hyper converged systems at a faster rate. In the fourth quarter of 2015, worldwide hyper converged sales jumped 170.5% year-over-year to reach $355.9 million.

Hyper converged infrastructures journey into the mainstream was charted across three phases. During the first phase i.e between 2005-2015, blade systems were at their peak. Currently, data center managers are in the second phase i.e 2010-2016, a time when hyper converged systems are establishing their footing in specific use cases. The third phase will start at the beginning of 2017, as the market will witness a huge demand for these appliances.

So, all you vendors who are serving Hyper Converged markets ‘Happy Days’ are coming.

StoneFly, Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of DNF Corporation is ready to cater to the upcoming trends. It offers

StoneFly SCVM a virtual IP storage software appliance that creates a virtual network storage appliance using existing resources of a user’s virtual server. This virtual IP storage platform for VMware vSphere, vCloud and Microsoft Hyper-V Environments, provide an advanced, fully featured iSCSI SAN and NAS within a virtual machine to form a Virtual storage appliance. Therefore, users will never need to purchase a separate box. They can increase productivity, simplify management and reduce power and rack space requirements by using their existing hardware resources.

StoneFly offers Unified Storage & Server(USS) appliances which can consolidate all of the user’s Server and Storage system requirements into one easy to manage appliance. These appliances are loaded with a virtualized operating system for complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs. Users can also migrate their existing Windows and Linux Physical servers to VMware compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance. This allows users to greatly reduce their hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware. Campus Mirroring to a second on-premises StoneFly USS appliance and asynchronous replication to a USS appliance at a remote site helps users gain data continuity and advanced disaster recovery. StoneFly USS is also available in integrated highly available cluster Configuration.

StoneFly offers the privilege of repurposing their existing storage resources such as Fibre Channel, SAS, Infiniband or iSCSI Storage from EMC, NetApp and Dell into their choice of Unified advanced iSCSI, FC SAN or NAS Storage. Once storage volumes are provisioned by StoneFly Gateway appliance, users can enjoy numerous data management features such as snapshots, thin provisioning, synchronous mirroring, asynchronous replication, hardware enabled volume encryption and data deduplication.

Hence, those who are planning to upgrade their data centers with Hyper Converged infrastructure, StoneFly solutions can prove as a perfect alternative.


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