US Government bans Yahoo Mail and Gmail usage for data security!

Yahoo Mail and Gmail access has been banned by the IT department of the US House of Representatives(HOR) due to malware threat. At the end of April this year, the decision to ban the usage of public email accounts was taken by the Technology Service Desk of the HOR due to increase in ransomware related emails on third party email services.

The ban was also put into place to make workers avoid usage of personal email IDs during work hours. And moreover, if the worker is using the same device for office and personal work, the chance of malware attack and the threat to data security was getting too high.

On an additional note, the increase in ZIP and RAR attachments that contain malicious JavaScript (JS) files has been observed by multiple security companies in recent months.

In order to block all these activities, the IT department of HOR thought to block the entire email services offered by third parties on its IT platform.

So, from last month end, access to Yahoo-mail, Gmail and Google App Engine Platform was totally barred.

Will this access ban help the House of Representatives keep their IT environment safe and secure from malware threats like Ransomware?

Share your views through comments section below.


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