How Video Analytics can improve business intelligence?

Video Surveillance helps in reducing crime and deters the motives of criminals. Now, to those who do not agree with it, just Google a bit to know for yourself.

But can you imagine that analytics driven surveillance videos can also improve the efficiency of business intelligence. Want to know how? Just follow the article furthermore-

Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) also known as License Plate Recognition(LPR) software when uploaded onto the IP cameras to take an image of the front of a vehicle at a barrier and extract the number plate from that image in real-time. That number plate can be checked against a database of authorized vehicles and necessary steps can be taken thereafter.

You can see this in action at the entrance of Eurotunnel in Folkestone, where users need to pre-register their vehicles to confirm the train booking for their respective car. In this process, the analytics driven surveillance cameras immediately recognize who the person is, based on the number plate captured by ANPR enabled cameras.

All this process accelerates the verification process considerably, to deliver the all important info on which train you are about to board and in how much time, bearing in mind the number of cars quieing up in front of you to board the same scheduled trains.

If we step into retail sector, video analytics also has the potential to accelerate business intelligence in this industry as well. Retailers are integrating dwell time analytics software into the IP surveillance systems today to help analyze which aisles and displays are working best to attract and retain shoppers. Systems can analyze dwell-time data alongside the images of customers actually picking up products and putting them in their baskets. Business owners can cross refer dwell time data with customer action including actual purchase.

Facial recognition software helps retailers to analyze visitor demographics, specifically collecting age and gender profiles, as well as number of customers.

The resulting facts and figures can give added leverage to buyers when they are deals. It also helps suppliers who are wanting to display their goods in favorable locations. To support this level of intelligence, store managers are increasingly deploying IP CCTV systems integrated with heat mapping analytics software offerings. Heat maps help in determining areas of most activity and highest footfalls in the store.

The data from the heat maps can be synchronized with surveillance video to help store managers better design the store and to reduce black spots where few customers venture. On an overall note, all this arrangement stimulates customer flow through the store.

Taking transportation sector into account, video surveillance technology driven by analytics is also helping this field. Companies doing import and export business and operating in sea ports are relying on CCTV coverage to keep an account of containers which are being shipped to and fro. Going with it, a company in London keeps a track of highly valued commercial goods which are being shipped through its services via CCTV footage integrated with GPS. By integrating data coming from GPS tags and its CCTV footage, the business firm updates its users about the whereabouts of its precious goods.

Thus, after seeing the usage demographics don’t you feel that now is the time for business communities to look again at the next generation of IP video surveillance solutions and see how they can use these systems as key business intelligence and business management tools.

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