Here’s how you choose the best cloud storage service for your business in California.

Research firm Gartner says that 60% of enterprise data will be stored in cloud in future. This clearly proves that a surge in cloud storage adoption is evident in next few years, especially in the small and mid sized business markets.

As the number of SMBs adopting cloud storage in California is increasing day by day, it is important to understand what criteria they consider when selecting a cloud storage in California. According to a survey conducted by IDC, four characteristics stand out as key players in the selection of cloud storage services by SMBs.

Brand Recognition


Cloud storage seekers are always looking for branded solutions which are in the market from more than decade or so. They want a solution which is being offered with minimum downtime and on an economical note. However, brand recognition as a selection criterion poses some risks though. For example, 61% of SMBs indicate that they need to be compliant to a standard in order to implement cloud storage.

Cost and scalability


Migrating to cloud reduces the cost of backing up data. SMBs identify file backup as the most important cloud storage task, according to new survey findings on the topic. Therefore, access to cost effective and scalable data storage and backup service is key consideration in the process of cloud storage selection by SMBs. Some enterprises prefer to go for free storage space, while most go for premium accounts.

Ease of use


One of the main criterion in selecting cloud storage will be how easy is the service to install and use. Enterprises seeking cloud storage services will like to use a service which is easy to manage and can sync with almost all mobile devices. This makes them use any device and from anywhere, as data is stored on a centralized platform.

File backup and sharing


Although the fear of cloud may hinder the adoption of cloud storage by SMBs, the services ability to provide effortless ways to backup and share files is an important factor to consider in the service provider selection process. Imagine a disaster strikes your business and all the on-site storage and backup gets destroyed. If the company’s objective is data intensive, then it can witness a failure. Here, a cloud service with file backup and sharing capability can come to rescue. It can provide data continuity and offer a company the necessary lifeline to carry on its day to day activities.

For all your backup needs, choose StoneFly Cloud Drive. It offers enterprise class SAN Technology which has been integrated with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing platform.

StoneFly Cloud Drives are ideal for protecting mission critical info and include advanced business continuity features such as snapshots, asynchronous remote replication, multi-geo mirroring, data deduplication, volume encryption and thin provisioning



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