Know how video surveillance can boost Enterprise operational efficiency

Video surveillance has the ability to deter crime and offer video evidence when the necessity arises. But do you know that surveillance can also boost operational efficiency in an enterprise? Yes it’s true! And the results are already encouraging.

Video surveillance footage (live or recorded) when integrated with video analytics can help in optimizing operational costs and drive profits across the enterprise. When the footage is integrated with sensor data, it becomes possible to glean greater insight about daily operations.

Here are some ways that organizations can take benefit from video analytics to boost their operational efficiency

Understand shopping habits- Retailers can get rid of the guessing game, by using video analytics and sensor data in combined format. By smartly placing cameras at the display boards, they can analyze how much sales the display boards are gathering. They can also know which display boards are gathering a lot of public and which are not. By knowing these details, retail managers can make a note of the products & deals which are gaining consumer attention. Likewise, they can plan for more such deals and promotions in order to drive sales.

Surveillance can reduce manufacturing waste- When mass producing products, factories or manufacturing units have three major challenges to cater. Reduce waste, control hazardous materials and ensure regulatory compliance. In the past, factory owners relied on supervisors for this work to get accomplished. But the results were far below their expectation. With the usage of analytics, things can change a lot in favor of factory owners. They can use smart sensors and video cameras on assembly lines to wastage of resources. For example, some smart sensors can detect glitches during production and strategically shut down assembly lines to avoid producing faulty products on a further note. Additionally, it helps in production of faulty products and wasting materials. Already this technology is being used by many FMCG and automobile manufactures.

Monitor worksites- Managers must strive to maximize productivity while also ensuring that workers are happy, healthy and safe. This is not an easy task to achieve and that too when the organization is large and the production is on a large scale. Video analytics and smart sensors can collect and analyze both working habits and environmental conditions. This is especially vital in risky areas such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities, as well as in areas with extreme weather conditions where workers must adhere to specific guidelines to avoid injuries.

Improve traffic workflows- Business must ensure that large amounts of people can move from point to point with minimal congestion. Intelligent security cameras can facilitate smoother traffic flows by collecting and reporting insightful data about crowd movements. All this data collected on daily, weekly and monthly basis can be strategically used to maximize profits. Also this type of intelligence can also increase public safety, and lead to healthier and more pleasant environments.

DNF Corporation can help you in making use of video surveillance in improving your enterprise operational efficiency.

To know more just give a call and start a conversation.


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