StoneFly Deduplication Gateways can serve legacy storage appliances without dedup

Data explosion is taking place at an enormous rate and so companies are trying their best to maximize the usable capacity of their storage assets. Eliminating duplicate files can help users in saving a lot of storage resources and that can be done with the help of deduplication.

Data storage environments with large amounts of duplicate or similar files can take the help of deduplication to witness data reduction. However, legacy storage appliances which do not have this feature might feel helpless in this case.

This is where StoneFly Data Deduplication Gateway appliance allows users to fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance.

Apart from deduplication, StoneFly Unified Deduplicated Storage can also allow businesses to easily convert their existing FC, SAS or iSCSI Storage into Unified iSCSI or FC SAN storage with optimized data deduplication for increased storage efficiency.

Data services like synchronous mirroring, asynchronous replication, Delta based snapshots, thin provisioning, active-active clustering can be enjoyed after deploying a StoneFly Deduplication Gateway.

For more details click on StoneFly Data Deduplication Gateway web link


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