NSA offers manual for destruction of storage devices

National Security Agency is offering a guiding manual for destruction of storage devices. The manual will act as a reference point to all those who are in IT Disposal and Recycling industries and who are assigned with data destruction patents.

The details are as follows-

Magnetic Storage devices- Includes tapes and hard disk drives

  • Magnetic tapes should be reduced to ashes
  • After removing all the labels or markings that indicate previous user or classifications, a degausser must be used to deform the internal platters and then must be put in a crusher
  • Floppy drives should be shredded to pieces and must be reduced to ashes.

Optical storage media- Includes CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray discs

  • CDs and DVDs should be sanitized via embosser or knurling and then grinded. Thereafter, the material can be reduced to ashes. Or, after sanitizing CDs and DVDs, they can be shredded and disposed.
  • Note- Blu Ray discs cannot be sanitized or shredded.

Solid State drives- The usage of SSD has picked up and that’s due to the fact that it offers utmost performance. As per NSA norms, they have be destructed in the following way- After sanitizing the drives by removing labels or marking and they have to be disintegrated into particles that are nominally 2 millimeter edge length in size using an evaluated disintegrator. For Incineration, the sanitized SSDs must be reduced to ashes.



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