What will happen if your data center is hit by fire or flood?

Enterprise data centers when hit by fire or flood are actually helpless. The downtime of data continuity caused during this tenure can lead to a temporary or permanent business failure. If it is a human error or a downtime caused by software glitch, a backup copy can be used for disaster recovery. But if the backup copy is in the same server facility and if the entire facility gets hit by a floor or fire? Can you imagine yourself in this situation?

This is where an online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage proves highly useful and StoneFly CDR365 does the same. StoneFly CDR365 has an easy to use interface with a powerful functionality making a disaster recovery plan simple, reliable and affordable.

Users can just load this software tool on their storage server and schedule a backup and then the entire process gets managed in an automated way. StoneFly CDR365 backups everything in an automated way and thus offers continuous data protection.

Coming to encryption, data is protected from unauthorized access as soon as users choose an encryption algorithm and set a unique encryption key. Also data can also be uploaded to the cloud after encryption by user on-premises.

Users can choose a local backup if they want and send only the critical data to cloud which needs high end protection. CDR365 only backups files on an incremental note and sends confirmation emails when backups are successful or if there is a problem.

So, in this way, even if your data center gets hit by fire or flood, your data remains safe at a remote site. Branch offices or off-site clients can access data via cloud till the data center gets restored.

For more details click on StoneFly CDR365 Cloud based backup web ink


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