HGST hard drives working for more than 1 billion hours?

Cloud backup provider Backblaze which is more in news for publishing the reliability of products made by top hard disk makers than its own cloud services has come up with the latest data on reliability of hard drives used in its data center.

According to the California based cloud provider, HGST drives are the most reliable storage media working in its premises. As per Backblaze record, HGST drives have passed more than one billion hours of aggregate drive usage since it started tracking the reliability of drives since April 2013.

Note 1- 1 year=8,700 hours (approximately)—3 years =26,200 hours (App).

Note 2 –How 1 billion hours in just 3-4 years span?

Note 3– May be the San Mateo based Backblaze is calculating the working hours of all the HGST hard drives functioning in its premises and accounting it as 1 billion hours. And its blog also says so.

After some bad experience with certain models and annualized failure rates in some cases approaching 30%, Seagates performance is also said to be solid. The cloud provider says that it uses 4TB Seagate drives- around 35K units in number; in its data center and those are demonstrating a failure rate of 2.90 percent on an annual note.

The company continues to substantially stick with Seagate 4TB units, in spite of somewhat worse failure rates, due to a combination of better pricing and availability. The cloud provider says that it needs around 5000 to 10,000 disks at a time and has officially announced that only Seagate and HGST have managed to supply the bulk order in time till date.

In recent times, the availability concern also pushed the company move towards 8TB units over 4TB drives as it helps in cutting down the drive requirement numbers to 1/4th in its facility.

More details will be updated shortly!


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