Military and Defense sectors require DNF Defense Rugged NAS

DNF Defense offers high capacity NAS that can withstand harsh, rugged environments for use in IP based military and defense applications. DNF Apache FX Rugged NAS platforms are MIL STD 810F complaint appliances specifically designed for harsh shipboards, airborne applications like fighter jets and land based rugged vehicles like army tankers, hummers and other war machines.

DNF Defense Apache’s rugged construction, fast processing and ample storage make it ideal for today’s high bandwidth, intensive data processing and storage applications seen in several military and defense environments. These include electronic warfare, radar, thermal, hyper-spectral and sonar imaging plus signals intelligence gathering applications.

The Apache FX 1500 Rugged NAS appliance incorporates Sixth generation i7 processor and has storage capacity of 15 TB with the latest RAID technologies. The appliance’s high performance features include quad core processors, 16GB high speed system cache and dual 10/100/1000 copper Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Designed for use in extended temperature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to +71 degrees Celsius, the system incorporates low noise fans, and a high CFM front to back air flow for added heat dissipation. An MIL STD 810F military standard protection ensures internal and external system reliability.

The system is highly customizable and can be offered as per your requirements. Pricing and delivery for DNF Defense Apache FX 1500 depends on configuration.


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