StoneFly StoneFusion offers encryption during replication!

StoneFlys patented StoneFusion operating system is perhaps the only SAN operating system in the world which offers AES 256 bit encryption on data transit. Means, it has the potential to send encrypted data from local IP SAN over the wide area network to a remote SAN during replication.

As data security concerns are growing day by day, IT managers and enterprise decision makers are focusing more on proactive measures to counter issues like hacking and ransomware. One such measure seems to be encrypting data at rest and in transit.

Encryption technologies used by all storage vendors are already well capable of encrypting data at rest.

But StoneFusion ensures that data travels along the wire, with full security, reinforcing StoneFly’s tradition of delivering highest levels of data protection combined with best-in-class storage performance. This approach makes use of advanced AES 256 encryption algorithm, a standard adopted by the US government, and enables StoneFly to efficiently deliver both encrypted and non-encrypted volumes to the same remote SAN.

With StoneFusion, StoneFly has continued to employ a performance based approach to data protection since pioneering the iSCSI Storage marketplace a decade ago”, says Mo Tahmasebi, CEO & President, StoneFly, Inc. He added that his company takes this approach to bring in customers the best of both world’s delivering both superior security and market-leading performance, all in a simple to use IP SAN. This can prove as a critical data protection method for applications in medical, finance, and government.

StoneFly IP SANs offer compliance with patient privacy and data control measures for HIPAA, JCAHO, Medicare, and Medicaid, along with PCl and GLBA compliance for the financial industry.

StoneFusion is a standard integrated component of all StoneFly IP SANs and offers a complete portfolio of storage and data protection features including a patented Storage Virtualization engine. Additionally, it also offers snapshot feature for fast, efficient data recovery and advanced features like campus mirroring and data deduplication. StoneFusion also incorporates disaster recovery and fault tolerance features such as Active-Active failover clustering, data migration and disk to disk backup & restore.


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