What if you get credit on purchase of new servers and storage?

Yes, you read it correctly. DNF Recycling offers credit on purchase of new servers; storage and other computing hardware as soon as you hand over your old computing equipment to the Hayward based responsible recycler. However, the credit offering is bound to certain stipulations.

The process starts as follows-

DNF will arrange for pickup and transportation of the equipment to their facility. Typically it is free of charge. However, distance of travel is limited to the State of California on a present note.

After the equipment reaches DNF Corporation, a detailed inventory and assessment of equipment will be performed at the facility and a detailed report will be generated and provided to consumers at free of cost.

Each unit is carefully disassembled and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and whether or not they contain hazardous properties.

At this juncture, DNF carries out a reassessment of the components and then will decide on what hardware components qualify for the credit.

  • DNF Recycling offers a credit of $5-$20 for servers and PCs having Pentium 3, 4 or Xeon processors.
  • For storage products including SAN, NAS and RAID appliances, users will get a credit of $20 per drive.
  • For DVR’s and Cameras in working condition, a credit of $5 will be offered on new purchase.

DNF has developed a set of guidelines for determining whether or not selected items have value. These benchmarks are dynamic and change on day to day basis. Please keep in mind that not all items offered to the recycler will qualify for a credit. But users will never have to pay for items hauled away.

Also the credit will strictly depend on factors such as working or non-working unit, age of item, quantity of item and such.

Just give a call to DNF Recycling and start a conversation to know more.

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