Automotive Company from South Africa relies on StoneFly Cloud Drive for high availability

Automotive Company which is based in Gauteng, South Africa, is relying on StoneFly Cloud Drive services for high availability. The company offers car rental services, fleet management and Motor Retail services and targets very different markets having transportation needs. Therefore, unless and until data is available to the company employees on 24×7 basis, the automotive company’s business units cannot carry out operations. This is where StoneFly Cloud Drive is serving them with an advanced data storage management features.

The Business Challenge

The Gauteng based company (name withheld due to NDA) used to handle its operations with shared IT infrastructure. If key business systems aren’t available on 24×7 basis, the company can fail to meet its customer’s delivery expectations.

For example- If a flight traveler arrives at the airport at 3am and need to rent a car, the company’s booking engine must be up and running or they will go for another company. Like wise, if a business wants to control its fleet toll spend, including the E-Toll system; the South Africa based company must keep its services alive around the clock. And if a consumer wants to request for an accident repair estimate and see an error page rather than a submission form, they might take their transport truck to a different motor shop.

Rather than risking these scenarios, the Gauteng based company preferred a proactive route. It decided to host its critical business applications in StoneFly Cloud Drive.

StoneFly Cloud drive benefits

  • By hosting critical apps in StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted on Microsoft Azure, the company was able to serve its 7,000 internal clients who need access to critical systems. This allowed the company serving the transportation vertical meets its service level agreements.
  • The company opted for encrypted iSCSI drives + replication feature which offered the company clients and users access remote iSCSI drive for storage needs and replication for advanced disaster recovery needs.
  • The manual backup processes at the branch offices were loaded with StoneFly CDR365 software application offering automated backups along with a centralized management feature.
  • StoneFly’s remote iSCSI drive hosted on Azure are provisioned exactly like local drive. So, customers, clients and branched office users do not know that they are working with cloud drive services.
  • StoneFly Cloud Drive supports iSCSI IP SAN Protocol with CHAP authentication for data security.
  • 16TB storage capacity per cloud drive node is available and the drive also supports unlimited hosts.

The results

  • The Gauteng based company offering services to transportation vertical was getting a 24×7 availability to become an always-on enterprise.
  • A centralized management could be achieved to ensure critical systems are supporting each business unit and are up and running around the clock.
  • Need for a purchase of highly available physical storage was eliminated.
  • The company got rid of legacy backup appliances and so the operational costs of branched offices was reduced by 30%.
  • With the integration of StoneFly Cloud Drive to its data center, the company could save 40% in costs and 138 hours each month in troubleshooting backup and recovery issues.

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