Choose DNF for your data center planning

When you need to expand your data center beyond the current walls or need to design and deploy a new one, they are number of things which have to be kept in mind. DNF Corporation can help- with everything from a turnkey solution to preliminary consulting. DNF can plan, design, build, and test your data center as well as train your staff on how to maintain the new environment.

DNF helps in building a five year growth model for your data center planning based on your company’s business plan, your current and future data processing needs and likely technological evolution. Basically, DNF presents you the best storage infrastructure for all your data storage needs.

However, it can also go extend its service support on other infrastructure planning as well. The Hayward based company will offer you a full evaluation report that includes electrical, mechanical and space requirements, along with equipment layout drawings, cost estimates and a proposed construction schedule( on demand). The optimal pre-design solution as described in this report gives you step by step directions for proceedings.

DNF has deep technology insight right from chip level to the building and everything in between. It has decades of data center design and operation to offer you a cost effective and timely solution. As a result all this expertise, world class quality in a data center build to last long and designed as per business growth can be expected.

Users can maximize restructuring and reducing control operating costs by outsourcing non-core functions.

To know more click on DNF Corporation data center design and planning web page



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